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Clean Energy Industry Key to American Economy & Future Job Growth

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The personal economics of clean energy systems such as solar energy panels, wind and geothermal power are phenomenal. Property owners with installed clean energy systems are generating returns on investment anywhere from 6% to 30% over the 25-30 year life span of the systems. But what about the macro economics? Is there a good story to tell there? We’re happy to report that there is. The clean energy sector is responsible for significant job growth. Here are a few interesting findings from a recent Brookings study, Sizing the Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment. Continue reading

Own a Solar, Wind, or Geothermal System? What Advice Do You Wish You’d Had?

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Deciding whether or not to install a solar, small wind, or geothermal system at your home or business doesn’t need to be a lonely pursuit. Consider this: If you’re looking for a hot new restaurant to try, where do you look? You could check the yellow pages or maybe look through local newspaper ads, but you probably won’t. A far more likely scenario is that you will ask your friends or neighbors for a recommendation. Why? Because, aside from a sincere desire to see you happy, your friends and neighbors don’t have any vested interest in which restaurant you choose. As people who know you and know what you are looking for, they serve as a credible source of information. They are people who are willing to share their own thoughts, experiences and expertise to help you to make your own decision.

This kind of friendly help and advice is particularly invaluable when deciding which clean energy system is right for you—a decidedly bigger decision than where to go out to eat. Continue reading

Solar Panels: Smart Investment or Big Expense?

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We all know that perception is everything. There’s a huge difference in how people view a $10,000 investment versus a $10,000 expense. So could solar power systems be suffering from a perception problem? EnergySage set out to find out just that.

In a survey of 150 consumers interested in solar energy and other clean energy systems (like solar hot water, small wind turbines and geothermal) for their home or businesses, EnergySage found that 50% of respondents thought of solar panel systems as an investment, 30% considered it an expense, and 20% did not know enough to tell the difference between the two.

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Reading Time: 2 minutesSave the environment or save money? Most people see this question as an either / or proposition, but in fact, you can do both. Solar power and other clean energy systems allow home and business owners to reduce their environmental impact and save on their energy bills. Today, clean energy technologies – like solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, small wind, geothermal and combined heat and power – have matured to the point where almost any building –residential or commercial – can install a system and reap financial savings and, in some cases, even generate income. So, if these are the facts, why aren’t more people rushing out to install clean energy systems? The major stumbling block is that people just aren’t aware of the financial benefits these systems can provide.

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